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Lead Delivery

We have an online web-portal where you get the relevant info of prospect before you speak with them.

Online Web Portal

We have a fully functional online web portal which delivers you the lead with a unique ID to track the details. Before the call is transferred, portal itself gets updated for the incoming lead with the unique track ID. You also have a feature to reject / disapprove any lead with your comments. The state of art portal also gives you the facility to manage / schedule your order online.

Order Management by yourself - Pause / Stop / Resume your online Campaign on Portal

Web portal give you an access to pause or stop your online campaign immediately with a single click of button. In between your scheduled campaign of the same day, if you have an urgent meeting or an emergency to attend or if you have one rep to take the call, you can click on pause button until you are ready to take the next call. When you get ready to accept the transfer, you can click on Resume button and we would start sending the transfers again.

Billed only for Transferred calls

Also due to any emergency, in case you are not available to take the call on the prior set schedule, we do not bill you for that lead. We set the call back time with prospect and transfer it to you when-ever you are available to take the call. You speak with only the live prospects.

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